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If a finger goes through the bars, the elevator will STOP!



The Light Curtain

Enterprise Elevator Products now offers a Light Curtain safety option for all of our Collapsible Gates

This new safety device has raised the standards for the elevator industry. The Light Curtain works using 194 beams of unseen light to detect any foreign object obstructing the area between the platform edge and the elevator gate.  If an item is detected, the Light Curtain will prevent the elevator car from moving until it has been cleared. If the elevator is already in motion and the Light Curtain detects a new obstruction, the system will immediately stop the elevator car and prevent further motion until the object is cleared.


Light Curtain
The Light Curtain is completed integrated into the collapsible gate hardware. This intelligently designed system is a valuable safeguard and added protection that all collapsible gates can utilize. Enterprise Elevator Products is committed to providing the maximum protection and security to the passengers we serve.
The Light Curtain

Enterprise will supply an attractive integrated Light Curtain unit to be mounted in conjunction with our collapsible gates. The package will include coordinated and integrated mounting hardware with attractive brackets . Our unit has 194 criss-crossing beams of light to give the maximum protection and reliability.

Light Curtain Hardware

Light Curtain Bars

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