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    Enterprise Elevator Products now offers a Light Curtain safety option for all of our Collapsible Gates..
Light Curtain Hardware
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Residential Gates Header

  • Serving the public since the Charleston Flappers and Prohibition were all the rage
  • Safe, compact, attractive, functional and efficient, the design of the Classic Residential Gate has stood the test of time
  • It is not surprising that this piece of elevator equipment has been protecting the public for almost 100 years
Classic Collapsible Gate  
How do you add "whimsy" to a 100 year old classic?

The Pearl

The Pearl collapsible gate adds a modern design and style to classic functionality

  • Stylish, attractive and functional
  • Simple elegance with charming charisma
  • Excellent craftsmanship combined with comfort and class
  • Safe and secure, yet easy to handle

Diamonds & Pearls

The Diamonds and Pearls collapsible gate features a unique design and distinctive workmanship

  • Elegant and Sophisticated, yet modern and different
  • Efficient and practical, but safe and secure
  • Unique design coupled with swagger and flair
  • Polished and refined, yet functional
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