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Enterprise Space Guard:

Enterprise Space Guard

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Save Space While Helping to Save Lives

Our industry has long been aware of the possibility of a child or small adult becoming trapped between the hoistway door and gate of some older elevators if the space between them is too large. In fact, this scenario has led to a number of tragic accidents over the years resulting in serious injury or death. Published in 2002, the ASME A17.3 Safety Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators effectively ended the "grandfathered" status of these elevators and outlined the proper corrective action to be taken.

The solution is installing a guard designed to eliminate the dangerous space between closed doors on an elevator. But there's something else to consider. When the swinging door is opened you may want, or need, some of that space back. To allow for proper access and to comply with ADA requirements for elevator door openings, there must be sufficient clearance to enter the elevator car. The collapsible Enterprise Space Guard returns the majority of that space to your walkthrough opening when the door is opened.

Meet Code With a Space-Efficient Design

When your hoistway door is closed, our guard is fully extended to fill the danger zone and satisfy the requirements of ASME A17.3. As the door is opened, the spring-loaded design begins to collapse until it sits completely flat against the door. The result is a much larger walkthrough opening than would be possible with a rigid space guard. And in the case of mechanical failure, the Enterprise guard is left in the extended, or “safe”, position and will still provide protection.

As with all of our products, we use only the highest quality materials to manufacture our guards and will work with you to customize a finish that fits your particular setting.


The Enterprise Space Guard reduces a serious safety risk present in some older elevators while maintaining their accessibility. Don't hesitate to act if you think your facility may contain an unsafe elevator. Too many accidents have already been caused by this preventable problem.



The Baffle Guard is an Attractive and Safe Solution that Provides Added Protection for Your Family

Enterprise Baffle Guard:

SillGuardBaffleWalnut SillGuardBaffleWhite
The Enterprise Baffle Guard is a critical addition for any elevator that has a dangerous space between the elevator door and the elevator gate. The baffle is a simple, cost-efficient safety device designed specifically to help prevent small children from being trapped and injured in this area. The Enterprise Baffle is an elegant, yet functional addition that will offer solid and proven protection for you and your family.


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